Home Flooring updated look and feel for our home
Saturday, November 18, 2017
By Steven + Amy
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A few months ago, we decided that we wanted to update our home. Whoa! It that a process that doesn't end. You update and upgrade one section; take a look around and notice all the other things that you would like to update! One of the biggest improvements you can make in your home is laying a good foundation. By foundation, I am referring to flooring. As we have kids, pets, and clients and in and out of our home continuously; we wanted to make our home to give you that warm,fuzzy feeling when you walk in. We choose to do this by laying down new flooring in the dining room, bathroom, hallway, and living room. These small improvements have drastically changed the feel to our home and the look! Wow!! The small things do go a long ways! We choose to lay down saratoga hand scraped hickory due to the activities that we have in our home that wouldn't ruin our budget if something got ruined :) In addition, to laying down the laminate flooring, you must start with a  underlayment. We chose a 3-1 underlayment for our purposes. It was just want we needed. The underlayment was a vapor barrier, moisture barrier, and sound barrier all in one. You can't go wrong with this product. Check out it out here Flooring Underlayment.

When it's all said and done, we are very pleased with the overall look and feel of both products must most defiintely excited about the feel it adds to our home!


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