How to choose the right Photographer for your Wedding Day
Wednesday, July 31, 2019
By Steven + Amy
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             It is your big, and it is the day most of us have been dreaming about and planning since we were little girls. The problem is that through all that dreaming we have a picture-perfect idea of what it will look like. We know, about the cake, the dress, flowers and maybe even the colors and type of venue we are looking for. Those things are easy to imagine. Because they are objects you can see. The big thing that no one thinks about until those last few months of actually planning is photography. I mean yes, we want photos. But we haven't thought the details. How do you narrow down the search through the countless photographers out there and even more so through your friends who have cameras? How do you make all those decisions for your big day?? In the next few weeks, I am going to discuss topics of concern like choosing a professional over a friend, using one photographer or two. Should you choose a simple package or one with all the bells and whistles. How much of your budget should go towards photography? Do you need a photographer and a videographer? I will be using all of my knowledge gained from being a professional photographer as well as my knowledge from being a bride. I will share my opinion and stories from some of our weddings that we shot to hopefully help you make the right decisions for your big day. I will share how the sprinklers ruined my perfect family pictures,  

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