Personality Type ISFJ-T
Sunday, July 09, 2017
By Steven + Amy
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For years I (Steven) knew that I my personality type was an: INFJ. I retook the test after 7 years. Taken on two different personality types. This is what I found out. I'm an: ISFJ-T Defender type! After reading he literature on my profile. It was 99% true. I believe it's imperative that you and me understand who we are, the way we think, including personality types, your love languages. This will help in the workplace, in social interactions, and so much more! 

The reason I find this relevant not only in my personal life but it's applicable to business. This is how I relate to clients. By gaining more insight into my mind, behaviors, and traits; this helps me to utilize my tools to understand client needs. Here is the breakdown of my personality type.

Personality type: “The Defender” (ISFJ-T)
Individual traits: 
Introverted – 61%, 
Observant – 75%, 
Feeling – 78%, 
Judging – 58%, 
Turbulent – 76%

Role: Sentinel
Strategy: Constant Improvement

As I delve into my personality type, there were a few areas of recommended careers: teacher, medicine, and charity work! Can I just say WOW! As I reflect on my life, I find that I am actively doing all 3 of these roles in one way or another! That is amazing! Understanding my gifts and talents to contribute not only to my career but to build a better community! How are you contributing? 

My strategy is to constantly improve in ways to become better. I believe that we are all becoming something. My goal is to become the best that I can. One step at a time, even baby steps, to become better today than yesterday to reach that next level in my career, my life! was one of the most recent ways that we stepped out to become better in photography. Connecting with my wife Amy, to be a partner in business has been a great blessing. She brings numerous ideas and gifts to the table. More about this to come. In the meantime do you want to know more about yourself? Discovering your role + strategy?

Follow the link below for a free personality type without signing up. Just take the test, review the text, and there you go! On a way to become a better you! 

Read more about about my personality type here:



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