When being Non-Traditional is actually Traditional. Steven + Amy at 624 Catering in Tulsa Oklahoma
Monday, November 06, 2017
By Steven + Amy
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When thinking about the different types of venues, locations, vendors, and other details of a wedding. There is a unique way to go about it. Being Non-Traditional. However, being non-traditional doesn't mean that it's not traditional. We are often asked about wedding venues in our profession; which do you prefer and why? Those are great questions to ask especially in the beginning of your hunt for the perfect venue. When you think about venues, ask yourself a few questions: Does this venue support the look and overall fell of how I envision our wedding, are there any restrictions such as specific vendors you must use, how many guest will it hold comfortably, and explore the cost. 

Steven + Amy had the opportunity recently to photograph a simple, beautiful venue called 624 Kitchen and catering. This venue could accommodate 100 guest easily plus more, given that there was a greater need. There were several details about this venue that stood out. Let's get down to it. First of, the decor was stunning. This was setup for a black tie event without going over board, the manager on duty was accessible and willing to answer any questions we had, and the food was outstanding. I mean who doesn't love great food at a wedding? I do! Would you like to know more about how this venue could fit your needs? Visit them at 624 Kitchen and Catering.

This venue is located at 624 S Boston Ave in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We had the opportunity to photograph Carol + Rocky's wedding (details and images to follow). We would like to say that we were thoroughly impressed and will add this venue to our recommended to host a wedding ceremony and other events. Thank you Ashley and Heather for being outstanding, along with your staff for providing excellence service, and making Carol + Rocky's wedding flawless.


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