Get to know us!


Who we are: Steven + Amy photography, are husband and wife, as we believe that two are better than one, working in unity for the goals to accomplish and do more together! We are based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, we travel any where in the state of Oklahoma and beyond to photography services for our clients.

Our vision: Ortman photography is committed to capturing Real. People. Real. Photos within our community. Providing awe-inspiring photos with excellence, integrity, and smiles during every wedding, every session, for every client, every time! We are not ‘just’ about showing up to do the job, we are about building relationships and connecting with our clients to assure satisfaction.

Our commitment: We want to ensure that you walk away smiling because you have delightful memories couples with outstanding images to reflect back on from your Big day. We want to partner & serve you in this journey of a lifetime.

Our motivation: We aspire to become the best photographers that we can be through continuous learning & education with hopes of reaching more clients to serve them throughout Oklahoma.

Our family: My wife Amy and I are celebrating 6 wonderful years of marriage this year. We have 2 beautiful sons and 1 daughter. We also have 'other' children: Bella (Maltase), Sophie (Yorkie) Optimus (Pitlab), Memphis (calico cat), & Olaf (Persian cat).


Our service: We are involved in the community, we love giving back, serving others with our gifts and talents. We have been attending for 8 years and serve passionately to make a difference in others lives weekly on the Host Team and shoot baptism every 6 months to Glorify, Him, through life change.